How we help our Candidates

We get it! You want a recruiter you can trust to help guide you through the process and land the perfect job. One that understands your priorities and can connect you to a role in a company that satisfies your wants and needs both personally and professionally. At Wingman Recruiting Solutions, we pride ourselves as advocates for our candidates. We win when you win. When you partner with us you get more than a recruiter, you get a Wingman!

We understand the importance communication plays throughout the recruiting process. Wingman Recruiters prioritize follow up, follow through and consistently keeping you informed. Wingman believes in the old school and new school approaches to the recruiting process. We have no problem picking up the phone, engaging with candidates face to face, or taking the time to meet for coffee and get to better understand your current situation. We also fully believe in utilizing technology to make this process user friendly, efficient, and transparent. No matter your preferred approach, your wingman has your back to land your ideal next role now and in the future!

Our Wingman Candidate Promise

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities now and throughout your journey that match YOUR ideal culture fit and career goals


Support and coaching to prepare you for success


Consistent and timely follow up and follow through

A Wingman

A personalized recruiting experience focused on YOU! More than just a recruiter, a WINGMAN

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