Five Key Factors & Resources for Veterans When Transitioning to the Civilian Work Force

Historically, transitioning out of the military has been seen as one of the most difficult transitions to make in life. Whether you have completed an enlistment or are retiring after 20 years of service, the transition can be a challenge.   If you’re considering a career after the military, Wingman Recruiting Solutions has five key factors and resources to assist in your transition into the civilian work force: 

1) Find Your Ideal Fit – With all the open positions and varying job fields, finding the perfect position can be deemed cumbersome.  Researching positions and companies that most fit your experience is always thought to be the best approach.  As you begin to think about the transition into the civilian work force, keep your goals in mind and what you really want to accomplish in life.  However, you don’t necessarily have to work in the same same industry you did in your military career. Take a chance at something new! reviews the top 25 jobs for veterans in 2019.

2) Build a Solid Resume – This is a very important and overlooked aspect when in search of a new civilian position.  Curtailing your resume and using specific language will be ideal when the hiring manager reviews your application.  Being able to outline what you have accomplished in the military and specifically showing how it correlates to the position is a major plus for companies specifically searching for military candidates. is a low cost website that helps design a high quality resume. *Wingman Recruiting Solutions will conduct a personalized resume review when you register with us at

3) Articulate Your Experience – As you transition and start at a civilian company, it is very important to understand this is a new environment where members of that company won’t understand your “military” experience and “military” qualifications.  Being able to articulate how your experience in the military is relevant and putting it in terms to someone that has never served in the military will prove to be helpful! is a great website that helps veterans translate MOS/AFSC/Rate into civilian occupations.

4) Professional Positioning – Positioning yourself can often be overlooked when landing a civilian job.  Get to know the professional circles you want to become a part of and engage with them! Today, LinkedIn can be a pivotal part of a veterans job search and professional positioning efforts. offers a free 1 year LinkedIn premium subscription.

5) Find a Mentor – Finding a mentor can be a major advantage when it comes to transitioning to the civilian work force.  This will help you understand the distinct differences between military work life versus civilian work life as well as build connections. is a platform designed to assist veterans transition into the civilian workforce by partnering them with a mentor in their desired civilian field who is also a veteran.

Wingman Recruiting Solutions is a veteran owned company specializing in advocating for veterans.  We want to be your trusted “Wingman” to partner with you as you look for your ideal job.  We work with civilian employers to target veterans to fill key positions within their companies.  Contact us today at 877-973-6787 or sign up at our website to receive veteran job opportunities and more

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